My blood sugar levels are starting to come right down now, constantly between 6 and 7 and sometimes 5.9. My doctor is looking to reduce my medication if this downward trend continues.


Bewdley, Worcestershire

I approached Jackie because I have Rosacea and had read that diet can contribute quite a bit to the condition, which had been deteriorating for some months. Following an initial phone chat, Jackie analysed a food diary that I completed for her and then provided me with a very comprehensive consultation that left no stone unturned.

With a knowledgeable and flexible approach, Jackie helped me to plan a perfectly practical way forward, changing some bad habits along the way. After a couple of weeks I started to see improvements to my skin and I am continuing with Jackie’s recommendations in the hopes that I have found some of the roots to my problem at long last. I would definitely recommend Jackie to anyone looking for bespoke nutritional advice – she is worth every penny!


Martley, Worcestershire

I found Jackie very easy to talk to, which might be the most important aspect of a first session with any therapist. She was totally non-judgemental as I revealed the idiosyncrasies of my diet. She is also knowledgeable, thorough and a good communicator.

A long-term health condition meant that I had to address my lifestyle and Jackie has helped me enormously. I feel good just thinking about how much better I am going to be looking after myself.


Kidderminster, Worcestershire

I would like to thank Jackie for her recommendations, guidance and excellent advice. The consultation identified strengths and weaknesses within my diet and provided a platform from which to build and implement a nutritional plan that allowed me to move forward addressing my health and social needs. The nutritional advise and awareness allows me to be flexible in my food selection and enjoy the process (which is 90% of the battle) in promoting good health. My passion is to undertake and compete in endurance events and this process has supported this enhancing my overall general well being and performance. The advantage of having “a go to person” for post consultation guidance and recommendation is an appreciated added bonus. The information provided by Jackie is always of the highest standard.


Halesowen (West Midlands)

Jackie's advice was well researched and thoughtful and has supported me in my decision to try and reduce the possibility of a recurrence of health problems. I believe the importance of good nutrition is underestimated - Jackie is working to help people understand this for themselves. She is an approachable and knowledgeable guide.



I was referred to Jackie Donkin by a fellow therapist . The advice received was well researched and given in an interesting and easily understandable way . This was backed up by well laid out notes to help me follow the regime recommended . I had no problems following the nutritional program which has led to my recovery and a feeling of well being. In short it is good Nutrition made easy . I commend Jackie Donkin



… Feel tons better, sleeping better, no reflux acid and to date probably lost around 22 Ib’s !!


West Midlands

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