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Jackie Donkin BSc, mBANT, CNHC, NTCC

Registered Nutritional Therapist

Seminars Attended

As part of the Code of Conduct, as specified by the governing bodies I am a member of, The British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT) and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), I am required to comply with stipulations associated with Continued Professional Development (CPDs). This means that to adhere to the Standards of Performance, I must keep my professional knowledge and skills up to date.

I am therefore posting a list of the seminars/lectures I have attended (last 2 years only due to space limitations) and trust that one of these may be of particular relevance to your current health concern and that you will be reassured that I have access to the latest information and findings on that health concern.

Managing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME; A Clinical Approach – April 2019 – Igennus

Basic Pharmacology and Drug Nutrient Interactions – March 2019 – Integrative Health Education

Health Coaching for Nutritional Professionals – January 2019 – with Zest4Life

Introducing PCR Parasitology and the Gut Pathogen Profile – December 2018 – Genova Diagnostics

Emotional Wellbeing Support – December 2018 – Nuffield Health

Workplace Wellbeing and Stress Forum – November 2017 – The Stress Management Society

Sustainable Diets – November 2018 – Nutri/Alpro/British Dietetic Association

Exploring Obesity from Different Aspects of Health – June 2018 – BANT Midland Regional Event, University of Worcester

The Human Microbiome – May 2018 – Cytoplan

Supporting Mental Health – April 2018 – Cytoplan

The Microbiome – April 2018 – Bionutri

Health Benefits of a Plant Based Diet – November 2017 – Nutrilicious

Personalised Approach to Hormonal Mayhem – The Menstrual Years – November 2017 – BANT North Regional Group

Personalised Nutrition for Musculoskeletal Health – November 2017 – Lamberts Healthcare

Cytoplan Practitioner Education Roadshow – November 2017 – Cytoplan

Biosynthesis – October 2017 – Bionutri

Understanding the Genetics of Coeliac Disease – September 2017 = My DNA and Cytoplan

Toxaprevent and Dolovent – January 2017 – Nouveau Health

… Previous seminar listings on request

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