I offer a flexible approach to meet your specific needs;

  • An Initial Health Review consultation, comprising a 90 minute Nutritional Therapy consultation providing you with a Nutrition and Lifestyle Plan 
  • A 10-12 week Personalised Nutrition and Lifestyle Programme comprising the following elements, where applicable;

An Initial Nutritional Therapy Consultation (90 minutes)

Food Diary Interpretation

A personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan, developed and evolved step-by-step during 10 weeks, tailored to your needs and circumstances.

A personalised supplement plan, and explanation, will be included if required with any drug/nutrient contraindications assessed

The plan will include recommendations for GP or private functional tests, if required.

Weekly – Monthly support/accountability calls depending on the plan chosen

Education and clarification on the protocol of recommended support depending on client’s requirements; for example; blood sugar balance, food group relevance (carbohydrate, protein, fats), ratio of food groups, highlighting healthy food choices, pitfalls of processed foods, essential omega balance, cooking from scratch, meal planning, healthy snacks, BANT Wellness Solution guidelines, diversity in the diet ….

Lifestyle advice for improving sleep, energy, digestion and mood fluctuations

Recipe ideas/shopping lists

Essential store cupboard advice

Telephone and Email support provided throughout.

Advice and support if and when experiencing any barriers, challenging situations. Coaching and guidance on how to approach these situations

What level of support do you need? How frequent will our consultations be? What area of your health should we address first?

Please get in touch for an informal 15-minute Welcome call to discuss the consultation procedure that would best compliment the elements of your health concern(s)

Consultation Fees;

Initial Health Review Consultation
Personalised Nutrition and Lifestyle Programme - Essential Package
Personalised Nutrition and Lifestyle Programme - Advanced Package
Personalised Nutrition and Lifestyle Programme - Ultimate Package

Vegan and/or Vegetarian Consultation

Further studying of a Vegan Nutritionist Diploma has encouraged me to offer consultations based on the health benefits of following a plant based diet. I have also researched and absorbed the abundance of information relating to following a Sustainable Diet ... very topical and extremely interesting!  I feel it is imperative to conduct a full consultation to appreciate current health concerns before embarking on a Vegan/Plant based diet. It requires thought and planning to attain the full benefits this way of eating can offer ...

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