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Jackie Donkin BSc, mBANT, CNHC, NTCC

Registered Nutritional Therapist

Consultation Programmes and Fees

Any nutritional therapy programme involves an in-depth consultation, as already described, where medical history and dietary history are taken and an appropriate programme is devised to address a clients individual health concern(s). Consultations can also concentrate on general client concerns such as weight management or increasing energy and vitality.

Consultation regarding Health Complaints

Approximately 90 minutes … £ 90 – Includes:

Questionnaire and Food diary investigation

Personal Dietary Programme

Personal Supplement Programme (as described in ‘The Nutritional Therapy Consultation Procedure’)

Follow-Up Consultation:
approximately 45 minutes … £ 55

The follow up consultation provides the opportunity to review the programme and discuss any changes in the symptoms relating to the clients medical condition. Here adjustments to the dietary programme can be made, increasing or omitting foods depending on the body’s response to the programme.

Consultation regarding Increasing Energy and Vitality

Fatigue can be debilitating and make you more vulnerable to developing an illness. Your body wastes energy cleaning up from the foods that do harm – you need to focus on those foods that supply the nutrients the body needs to perform its many tasks. Simple changes to lifestyle and diet can focus the body on balancing and regenerating energy. During the consultation we discuss those ‘superfoods’, why they are important and how, through meal planning, we can incorporate them into the diet.

Consultation regarding Detoxification

Over a period of time, our bodies accumulate toxins. These have the ability to make us feel lethargic, sluggish and even affect digestion, with symptoms such as bloating. Detoxification is not a starvation diet, as often described by certain parts of the media, but a dietary programme where certain foods are recommended for their ability to support the body’s natural elimination processes.

Vegan and/or Vegetarian Consultation

Further studying of a Vegan Nutritionist Diploma has encouraged me to offer consultations based on the health benefits of following a plant based diet. I have also researched and absorbed the abundance of information relating to following a Sustainable Diet ... very topical and extremely interesting!  I feel it is imperative to conduct a full consultation to appreciate current health concerns before embarking on a Vegan/Plant based diet. It requires thought and planning to attain the full benefits this way of eating can offer ...

Consultation regarding Weight Management

Understanding the significance of the different food groups and size portion in our diet can contribute to a better appreciation of how our body uses the nutrients supplied to burn ‘fuel’ effectively and appropriately. We discuss the foods that will help your body to release its energy supply slowly, removing the pit falls of poor blood sugar control, which promote the perpetual cycle of food ‘cravings’.

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